Bus Information and Ticket Purchase

Important Notices

Bath Spa University is no longer selling paper tickets, those have been replaced by mTickets.

Recommended purchase option

Buy your bus ticket before you leave home or when you are on the move, with a credit or debit card, and have the ticket stored on your phone.

You can buy your ticket in advance and validate it when you want to make your first journey.

mTickets can be purchased at any point during the year, contribute towards the University's environmental value of reducing paper usage, and if you lose your mobile it is backed up on First Group's system.

The University, the Students' Union, and First Group are also working together to ensure you can always get home safely from a night out. If your mobile battery has run out from taking too many selfies while out having fun, bus drivers will not see lone travellers left out in the cold.

For further information about mTickets and how to purchase them, visit the First Group website.

If you purchase this ticket there is no requirement to purchase the replacement insurance for higher value tickets. In the case of passes for areas outside of Bath, the mTicket option is also cheaper. 

Newton Park students

The U5 and U6 services run between Bath bus station and Newton Park, and offer the best value for money if you regularly come onto/travel from the campus. The U5 service runs until the early hours of the morning and offers a safe option to get back to campus after attending Students' Union events in town. The bus also stops outside Green Park House and near to Sainsbury's. The U6's route takes you directly past Twerton Mill, Lidl, and Charlton Court and Waterside Court.

Sion Hill students

First Bus do not run a service up to Sion Hill however their passes are valid on the 700 and 701 services. Both of these services are managed by the local council and you can find more information on their website.

You can still purchase First Bus passes if you wish to travel in and around Bath/South West area but we recommend you speak to us in person before purchasing. 

Corsham Court students

First Bus do not operate services between Bath and Corsham. Faresaver Buses operate a service from Bath and information can be found on the Faresaver ticket website.

If you have any questions about buying a bus pass you can email bus@bathspa.ac.uk.  

Can't find the ticket you're looking for?

We've phased out the sale of other paper tickets in favour of mTickets to reduce the impact on the environment.  We recommend you download the mobile app. 

If you require any of the other paper bus passes you can purchase these from the Travel Shop at Bath Bus Station. If you have a disability and are unable to visit Bath Bus Station, you can arrange for a paper pass to be sent from the First Website.

For further information about mTickets and how to purchase them, visit the First Group website.


Download the m-ticket app